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Meeting Santa

Well, we  thought all along that Addie would be very scared of Santa Claus and our suspicions came true. She started clinging to mommy’s side and then cried out in fear when we sat her in her Santa’s lap. We also visited Candycane Festival where Addie got to experience her first lollipop. She enjoyed it for about 20 minutes and by the end, she had her sock stuck to the lollipop. Yes, not really sure how that happened either. In the end, she was very good about portion control and voluntarily handed over the lollipop.

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Little Moments

Addie is getting more and more goofy and silly. She loves the school’s gerbil, talking all the time and playtime outside. She also really enjoys playing in the snow and crawling into Sadie’s doghouse.

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Picking Our Christmas Tree

Since we weren’t going to spend Christmas in Colorado, we picked up our tree Thanksgiving weekend. Addie watched carefully while the Home Depot man got the tree ready to go. We decorated the tree while she was napping so she was so surprised to see the pretty tree lit up when she woke up – with all the fancy ornaments halfway up and higher on the tree.

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We had a great Thanksgiving celebration at Uncle Chad and Aunt Meghan’s home. Addie said her first big word, “outside.” She said it over and over again until  she finally stood by the door and started to cry. She had tried her best to communicate in our language but I guess we just weren’t listening well enough to her needs! We got to spend time with Mamma, Aunt Meg’s mom and brother for Thanksgiving too. The whole gang went for a nice walk and Addie donned Aunt Meg’s pretty boa. Addie’s favorite Thanksgiving dish was the creamed corn, a Murphy family favorite.

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Our Sweetheart

Addie had a couple bad colds through October and November so we’ve asked Santa for a new immune system for Christmas. Even though Addie was a little under the weather, it doesn’t stop her from playing with clothes, hats and shoes. Her short bout against wearing shoes or hat is officially over.

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My New Car Seat

Addie has finally made it to twenty pounds at 15 months. So that means she gets to move up to the big girl car seat. She loved getting in and out of the car seat while it was still sitting in our family room.

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